Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On Lockable Pop-up Problem For iPad Users

Internet users in recent months with persistent pop-ups face that warn of known problems and very difficult to conclude. In case the pop-ups appear on iPads users have no choice but to turn off the tablet, restart and clear the history and institutions. That leaves Gary Warner of Malcovery know.

The pop-ups are scattered through various websites. There is a version that resembles a message from Norton and then displays a pop-up that a certain number of a help desk to be called. Each time the pop-up plays back the sound of a phone.The scammers behind the popup use all sorts of tricks to prevent users who can connect. For example, the right-turn off and sets the pop-up is always located in the center of the screen.

Warner recently discovered a variant on the iPad. "Because a mouse and keyboard on the iPad missing, this version of the browser pop up very annoying." The pop-up ensured that could not close the researcher Safari. Eventually he had to turn off his iPad and then delete its settings and history. Standard Safari charges the last open site, which in this case is the pop-up.On the forum of Apple are also many posts to find users who complain about the problem.

The pop-ups are focused on both Windows and Apple users and people try to make a phone call. This help desk tells people that the computer is full of malware or other problems. To solve this "trouble", the user must pay for hundreds of dollars."Anyone who has seen these pop-ups get where it is recommended to create a support telephone number to call is a crook and should immediately close the session," said Warner.

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