Monday, 20 April 2015 Accidentally Leaked Email Addresses Users

The website this week inadvertently leaked the email addresses of hundreds of logged in users. Drupal is a popular content management system with a vibrant community. An adjustment to the permissions of the web site on April 15 was a "small" part of the user to see a list of email addresses of users logged.

It would be a total of some 44 IP addresses that the information at that time approached. According Drupal went mainly to managers of and community participants who reported the incident. The problem was 13 hours after being rectified and introduced within 3 hours after such notice was made. The complete solution was made ​​to be within 24 hours after the onset. According Drupal were visible the email addresses of less than 500 people, all of which will be informed immediately. However, all users are advised to be careful with emails that ask for personal information.

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