Monday, 27 April 2015

Hackers May Have Stolen Emails Obama

Hackers would have received last year in an attack on an unclassified system from the White House to access e-mails of US President Barack Obama. That allow government officials across the New York Times to know. The classified systems of the White House, including the servers that Obama used to communicate via his BlackBerry, would not be cracked.

Knew the attackers to gain access to an email archive of people inside the White House, with whom Obama communicates regularly. From these accounts, reports were taken by the US president had sent and received, according to the officials who were familiar with the investigation into the burglary.

How many emails were captured would not tell them, and the sensitivity of the content. The email account of Obama himself would not have been hacked. According to the New York Times, the severity of the break for months are known to officials.Who exactly is behind the attack is unknown, but the US government looks at Russia.

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