Wednesday, 8 April 2015

TrueCrypt Vulnerability Patched In Vera Crypt

Last week, scientists know that they are in an audit found no backdoors TrueCrypt of popular encryption software and the results of the study are already being used by the creator of a TrueCrypt alternative. It is the program Vera Crypt , which was launched last year and is based on the original TrueCrypt source code.

The developer decided to develop the software because TrueCrypt is no longer supported. Before the development of TrueCrypt by the developers ceased had several cryptography experts raised money to let the lights encryption software. The last part of the study was completed last week. The researchers had no backdoor, but several problems, including a large problem in the Windows version. In very special cases, the software to generate the encryption key would not work well.

TrueCrypt is no longer supported so that the problems found herein remain but Vera Crypt be based on the same source code.This program is the problem in the generation of encryption keys in version 1.0f-2 resolved. There are several other problems are solved and the performance improved. Thereby mounting encrypted volumes should now be accelerated to 20%. Vera Crypt is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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