Thursday, 9 April 2015

FBI Warns Of Attacks On WordPress sites

The FBI has warned webmasters attacks on WordPress sites by supporters of IS terror. It comes to news organizations websites, businesses, religious institutions, government agencies and foreign governments that were recent months.

According to the FBI, the attacks are anything but certainly not refined and complex, but they can be disruptive and costly, for example because of the cost for the repair of compromised systems. The attackers use vulnerabilities in all kinds of plug-ins for WordPress, the popular content management system used for tens of millions of websites. Through these leaks can attackers to take over the websites, for example, customize the content and install malware.

The American investigative late warning to webmasters know that the attackers are not members of IS. "These individuals are relatively simple methods that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities and use of IS the name to get more recognition than otherwise could be achieved through the underlying offense." To prevent the attacks succeed webmasters get the advice system, WordPress plugins and other installed software to keep up-to-date.

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