Sunday, 19 April 2015

Flash Player Leak Sites Gave Access To Webcam

Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that patched this week made ​​it possible for websites to enable the webcam and microphone without permission from visitors. The problem was present on all systems that support Flash Player, says researcher Jouko Pynnönen .

In addition, it did not matter what the visitor had turned in the configuration panel of Flash Player. This panel can be shown that websites can not access the webcam. However this could not prevent the attack. Details on the vulnerability Pynnönen will not release, as there is a potential variation of the leak, possibly present in the most recent version of Flash Player is investigated.

Through the vulnerability it is possible to call another leak, allowing an attacker in the worst case could take over the computer. Also this vulnerability was last Tuesday resolved. To demonstrate the webcam attack the researcher made ​​the following video .

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