Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Five Percent Google Visitors Infected With Adware

More than five percent of all people who visit websites from Google is infected with adware and within this group has at least half two or more "ad injectors" installed. This involves software that injects or replace ads on websites. According to research from the University of California that will be published on May 1, but the most important details of which Google has already put online.

According to the Internet giant ad injectors are a big problem. It is about users of both Windows and Mac, with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome works. The adware is often bundled with other programs or via advertisements. Google received since January this year more than 100,000 complaints of Chrome users on ads that were injected. This makes it the most common problem that users complain about.

The researchers discovered further 192 misleading Chrome extension where 14 million people were victims become.Furthermore, it appears that 34% of the Chrome extension that injects ads as malware is to classify. For Internet users from adware and other unwanted software to protect warns Google Chrome users since late February for websites where these programs are offered. Last week, Google made ​​this opportunity available for Mozilla, Apple and other parties.

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