Monday, 6 April 2015

Tor Is Looking For Students Who Want To Develop Privacy Tools

After years of having participated in a Google initiative where students were paid to the development of open source software, have the Tor Project, known from the Tor anonymizing network, and the American civil rights movement EFF now decided to launch an initiative in which students from all over the world are paid for the further development of the Tor privacy tools.

From 2007 to the Tor Project participated last year in the Google Summer of Code . Google paid for several months, students who wanted to contribute to open source software projects. So the students could gain practical experience, while the open source projects could benefit from the extra programming power. The size of the Google initiative has been adjusted, allowing Gate and the EFF not participate this year.

It was then decided to start his own initiative, called Tor Summer of Privacy . Students from all over the world, also from the Netherlands can apply for one of the available spots. For every student is a grant of $ 5,000 available. The idea is that students, under the supervision of a mentor, existing Tor privacy tools or develop their own ideas to improve the software.Registration is possible until April 17th. On 25 May, the Summer of Privacy start to finish then on 1 September.

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