Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tor-Flyer For Police And Citizens On The Internet Anonymously

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people using the Tor network to protect their online identity and privacy. Yet there is still much confusion about how the Tor network and the importance of online anonymity. Therefore, the Tor Project has several informative flyers ( pdf ) made ​​for police and citizens explaining the operation of the Tor network and the importance of anonymous internet.

Through the Tor network users can hide their IP address such as "hidden" visit websites that are only accessible through the Tor network. In recent months, several of these sites by the authorities off the air. The most Tor users are ordinary citizens who want to keep control over their privacy, so the Tor Project has announced in the flyer for police and investigative services.

The network is also used by journalists, activists and people in countries with totalitarian regimes or internet censorship. It is also handy for police and undercover operations. So use investigative services also the Tor network for their research."Because of the identity and location of hiding researchers Tor can be a valuable tool for successful online undercover operations," so let the flyer.

There is created a flyer for citizens showing the importance of anonymous Internet and online freedom is explained. According to the Tor Project is anonymity under fire as never before, allowing the ability to share free information on the Internet is undermined. "Countries monitors on each other and their citizens, block websites, watching the contents of traffic and reduce important world news." Organizations that deal with internet freedom can also order the flyers.

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