Thursday, 9 April 2015

TorLocker-Ransomware By Mistake Decrypt Free

For several months, a new ransomware copy active TorLocker called, but by the fault of the author shows that stocks in more than 70% of cases are free to decrypt. TorLocker , also called "scraper", was the First discovered in late October last year.

Like other forms of crypto TorLocker ransomware encrypts all kinds of files on the computer and connected network drives for ransom. This keeps the ransomware account files that are larger and smaller than 512MB. Is a file larger than 512MB, then only the first 512MB of encrypted file. Also, all system restore points are removed and the ransomware sets a background with instructions how to decrypt the files. For this, the victim, a sum of $ 300 or more payments in bitcoins.

To encrypt TorLocker makes use of AES and RSA encryption. A bug in the implementation is the encryption in more than 70% of the cases to undo without victims must pay for this, says the Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab. The virus fighter developed a free tool that allows free access to the bulk of their encrypted files can decrypt. Last year also several ransomware variants discovered which were free by a programming error to decrypt.

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