Tuesday, 28 April 2015

VirusTotal: "Knock Knock Searching With Google For Mac Malware"

A program for Mac OS X that shows what programs and scripts are automatically started is now able to quickly malware via VirusTotal tracks, the online anti-virus service from Google. Knock Knock for OS X is similar to Microsoft's Autoruns for Windows and provides a detailed overview of what all is happening on the operating system.

VirusTotal is a website where users can upload files in order to submit it by 50 different virus scanning. Early this year, Microsoft decided to VirusTotal with Autoruns integrate , allowing Windows users now easily able to detect malware. Patrick Wardle, developer of Knock Knock, has now followed that example and VirusTotal added to his application.

"This tool is very useful for quickly finding malware on Mac OS X systems, and integration with VirusTotal give further momentum to our efforts to protect Mac OS X users," says Emiliano Martinez VirusTotal, which since 2012 part of Google.Last year VirusTotal decided already to the analysis of OS X and iOS malware improve and the corresponding upload tool .

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