Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hacker Tool Does Not Ask Americans To Additional Information

Due to legal obligations should users of the popular hacker tool Metasploit who are not from the United States or Canada now give more information about themselves. It involves users of Metasploit Pro or the Metasploit Community Edition and not the Metasploit Framework.

Metasploit is software to test with the security of networks and systems. It uses encryption and is therefore, like other similar products, subject to US export regulations. Additionally get Metasploit and other attack software with more and more American and international constraints make. Because of these rules is to offer Rapid7, the company that Metasploit, the way to customize how the free and trial versions of Metasploit Pro and community can be obtained.

Customers outside the US and Canada must now apply for a license and provide additional information about themselves or their organization. It must in this case to "reliable and accurate" going data. Rapid7 will then approve or reject the request. In some cases, however, provide the US Department of Commerce or users can use the software or not. According Rapid7 most users will simply receive a license key, only this can now let alone wait any longer, up to 48 hours. Users who already have a license need not be afraid that it will be withdrawn.

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