Tuesday, 28 April 2015

FBI Warns Of Web Cams After Earthquake Nepal

The FBI has warned Internet scams who abuse people who want to donate money after the earthquake in Nepal or trying to spread malware. The death toll from the earthquake has now passed the 4,300 and the population is in need of all kinds of aid.

"After a natural disaster like a lot of people contribute to utilities and organizations. The FBI is warning the public to watch out for before it is donated," said the intelligence. This involves donation requests coming in via e-mail or websites that ask for. In the past it has often happened that after a natural disaster is fraudulent Web sites or e-mails appear that ask for donations, but the money does not allow to enter the victims of such disasters.

The FBI advises people choosing not to respond to unsolicited e-mails, including clicking on links or open attachments because they may contain malware. People are warned also for individuals occurring on social media sites or via e-mail as victims or officials and ask for a donation. Furthermore, the legitimacy of non-profit organizations should be checked on the Internet. According to the FBI, most legitimate charities websites ending in .com or .org.

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