Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Criminals Steal Nearly $ 1 Million Through Android Malware

In Russia, five people arrested who used Android malware to steal nearly $ 1 million from Russian and Ukrainian banks. The malware was spread via SMS and posing as Adobe Flash Player. Once installed on smartphones and tablets could steal the criminals in different ways money. Initially the money was through SMS banking captured.

This is a way to make money with some specific text messages are sent to the bank. Later, the malware was modified and used to steal credit card information. Once users Google Play on their device had opened there by the malware loaded a separate window that asked for credit card details. The completed information was sent to the criminals.

Finally, the criminals used phishing sites for various Russian and Ukrainian banks. Once users on the infected machine had started their mobile banking app malware replaced the original window for a phishing site. Again completed data were sent to the criminals. Who were with the login information and access to perform the SMS kinds of transactions on the device, so says the Russian Group IB.

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