Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Free Virus Scanners Convince On Mac OS X

Mac OS X has to do with much less malware than Windows, most recently in a report revealed by the Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure. Yet there are also threats to Apple's operating system, which mainly via pirated software and downloading software from the wrong source managed to spread. The reason for the German testing body AV-Test to test ten paid and free virus for OS X.

"Criminals are always looking for groups that are worthy to steal. The now become big group of Mac users is a good target," said Maik Morgenstern of AV-Test. For the test, we looked at various components such as malware detection, false positives, tax system and features. The detection test worked with an "on-demand" scan and an "on-access" scanning. For these two tests were used in a total of 244 malware instances.

Average know the scanners to detect 91% of malware. This percentage is mainly due ClamXav brought down, which scored 36.6% and 54.7% respectively. The other virus scanners are above 88%, with Avira and Symantec both tests score even 100%. However, Avira is a free product. The free virus scanner Avast convinces with a score of 100% and 98.8%.

When it comes to system load Symantec puts the best score down. Copying files to 26,6GB took no scanner 66.1 seconds.The virus took an average of 75.4 seconds. Symantec sitting there with 66.2 seconds, well below while Intego with 97.9 seconds is the greatest strain on the system. Regarding "false positives," the unjustified considering clean files as malware, no single scanner was in the wrong. On ClamXav after all were virus by AV-Test certification. Below the results of the on-demand scan.

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