Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Google Reveals Password Alert Against Phishing Attacks

To prevent Internet users enter the password for their Google Account phishing sites, Google has released a new security measure unveiled . " Password Alert "is a Chrome extension that alerts users when they enter their Google password on a phishing site.

The extension, which is open source, should protect users from phishing attacks as well as encourage the use of different passwords for different websites. Once the Chrome extension is installed that will store an encrypted version of the password.Google describes this as a " salted reduced-bit thumbnail ". The extension only stores this information for security purposes and which will not share with others. Google notes that no Password Alert keylogger is no keystrokes and stores or transmits.

Chrome already offers "Safe Browsing" to warn users of phishing attacks, but it may be that phishing sites will be missed.Password will alert every time a user's Google password on a Web site that does not fill is sound the alarm and tell the user to change his password. Something can be done directly through the warning. At this time, Password Alert only available for Chrome users.

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