Friday, 24 April 2015

AVG Launches "Anti-Surveillance" Extension For Chrome

Czech anti-virus company AVG has an extension for Google Chrome developed claiming to users without internet surveillance to be used. What the Crumbe extension actually does is block trackers and cookies especially advertisers like.

This will be done in such a way that it does not break the functionality of websites, said AVG. Unlike other extensions that protect users against trackers makes Crumble not use a blacklist, but cookies itself analyzed by an algorithm. This should ensure that new trackers can be blocked immediately as soon as they appear, without the blacklist needs to be updated first.In addition, there is no difference in the blocked trackers place.

By blocking cookies will prevent as AVG Internet advertisers and trackers follow. However, experts have regularly shown that for tracking Internet cookies are not required. Well Crumble gives users insight into the trackers that are active on a website, since the extension that displays. Crumble is still in the beta phase and via the Chrome Store download.

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