Saturday, 18 April 2015

Oracle Is Silent On Ask Toolbar In Java Updates

Oracle does not want to know why the toolbar's search engine combines with updates to Java and will not talk about the cooperation with Oracle, as discovered a journalist from the LA Times. The newspaper interviewed a 71-year-old man who would have been about $ 450 spent to have it removed from his computer the Ask toolbar.

"It's just a bad guy who does not want to leave," Gary More informs, the man who for months has been trying to get the software from his computer. Also the helpdesk he turned has trouble. "They've tried everything. It's very, very difficult." When installing Java or Java updates will not install only the Ask Toolbar, but will also the default search engine.Removing the toolbar would thereby offer no solution, since the search engine ever to is put back.

"There is not really an easy way to remove it from your system and most people do not know how to do this," Eric Schlissel enables IT business GeekTek. The Ask Toolbar is labeled as adware by different parties. The toolbar uses the Ask search engine, which would be full of bad classified ads. Advertisements that are not of the "organic" results would be distinguished in most cases.

Reason for the LA Times to access Oracle, but the company does not know to want to respond to the Ask toolbar. Ask also wanted to give no official response. According Schlissel is all about money. "Nobody is more to . So the only way to sell ads is by luring people there to. Oracle is paid by each downloaded toolbar by Ask or get a share of search traffic. "

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