Thursday, 16 April 2015

Police Infected Computers Ransomware

A police chief has admitted in the American Houlton that he was the cause that various police computers ransomware became infected and the police eventually had to pay the ransom of $ 588. Police Chief Joe McKenna leaves opposite Bangor Daily News that the infection was his fault because he opened an infected email attachment.

"The last time I get quotes for different kinds of stuff we will replace," said McKenna. "Between all those emails was an email from a woman that says that the offer had been added. I did not think about it and opened it." The appendix was found to be a blank document, which the police thought that the sender had made a mistake and put his computer.

The appendix was found to be ransomware. When McKenna his computer turned on the ransomware hit, and all kinds of encrypted files on multiple computers. "It locked all computers. All emails to photos, documents and reports," said the police chief. Eventually, the police decided to pay the ransom of $ 588, although the total damage inflicted the ransomware is estimated at $ 1,400.

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