Wednesday, 22 April 2015

NATO Organizes Major Cyber Exercise In Estonia

400 computer experts will this week in Estonia to participate in a major NATO cyber exercise, where an attack is simulated on a fictional country. A total of sixteen teams from countries for Locked Shields 2015 registered as the exercise is called.

Locked Shields is an annual simulation held since 2010 in the cyber defense center of NATO in Tallinn. The organizers announced that this year, in addition to SCADA systems including Windows 8, a test version of Windows 10, Android devices and IP cameras are part of the exercise, as well as an "element of active defense".

"Locked Shields prepares computer emergency response specialists for continuously evolving cyber security landscape. Unique about this is that we are realistic technologies, use networks and methods of attack," said Colonel Artur Suzik, director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence. "In order to ensure that the exercise is flush with real developments will be there every year new technologies and added attack vectors."

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