Friday, 24 April 2015

IOS Leak Late iPhones And iPads Crashing Within Wifi Range

A vulnerability in iOS allows attackers to iPhones and iPads to let wifi range crashing, allowing the devices in the worst case continue rebooting endlessly. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Skycure . For a demonstration of a network attack, the researchers bought a new router and set up in a certain way.

After the researchers had made connection with the router turned the iOS app on their device suddenly crashing. Not much later were other people in the neighborhood to do with crashes. It was found in all cases to iOS users. Further investigation revealed that the problem is caused by specially prepared SSL certificates. Attackers can use this set of apps that crash a SSL connection.

According to the researchers, almost all apps in the Apple App Store use SSL for their communications. An attacker has a lot of opportunities to strike. Not only is it possible to have used apps crash, the vulnerability also affects iOS itself. In certain cases it is possible to restart devices to engage endless, making them unusable, according to the researchers.

"Even if the victims realize that the attack comes from the Wi-Fi network, they can not turn off the WiFi interface." Since the problem is not completely solved by Apple users get the advice to not connect to Wi-Fi networks and suspicious anyway to update to iOS 8.3, as there are some of the problems found "possible" have been corrected.

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