Saturday, 18 April 2015

Google Warns SSL Kapende Adware

Adware is not only annoying because it shows everywhere ads, it also poses a serious security risk.Before warns Google. The Internet giant is facing various forms of adware that are able to hijack SSL connections, such as with Superfish Lenovo was the case.

The adware runs through hijacking SSL connections actually a man-in-the-middle attack from users, allowing access to personal information can be obtained and the computer is vulnerable. In the case of Superfish and Komodia attackers could for example host phishing sites that caused no warning and decrypt encrypted traffic.

To avoid this kind of risk Google advises users to be careful when downloading software from the Internet. When a secure site visited, for example online banking, extra attention should be given to strange changes to the website, such as additional ads, coupons or investigations. "This may be an indication that your computer with this kind of unwanted software is infected," says Google software engineer Eric Severance.

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