Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Linux Server Australia Hacked Through Unknown Leak

The organization of Linux Australia, an Australian organization that organizes various Linux Conferences and commitment to the open source community in the country, has recently been faced with a hacked server, where possible personal data captured.

That the organization this weekend via its mailing list disclosed. On March 22, there was a large number of system messages sent from the conference management server. This server is used to host various conferences. The messages were generated automatically by the system. Further investigation on March 24 showed that the server on March 22, was hacked.

Under Linux Australia managed to cause the attacker to an unknown vulnerability a buffer overflow and then got root privileges on the server. The attacker installed below a remote access tool to control the remote server and installed software to the server part of a botnet. At the time of the attack, the attacker access to personal information including name, address, phone numbers, email addresses and hashed passwords.

However, the organization says it has found no evidence that there are data captured, but assumes the worst scenario.Because of the attack have been taken several measures, including the removal of all malicious software. In addition, the compromised server will be discarded and there is now set up a new server. The security of this server will be strengthened, including through a rigorous update schedule, duplicating logs and running of user accounts three months after the conference.

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