Saturday, 4 April 2015

Criminals Steal $ 1 Million Through Malware And Phone Trick

Cyber ​​criminals have managed to steal through a combination of malware and a phone trick more than $ 1 million of companies, says IBM. The attacks on the organizations start with a spear phishing email containing an infected link or attachment. Once the link or attachment is opened the computer becomes the Upatre malware infected. This malware then downloads the Dyre banking Trojan.

This Trojan is designed specifically to steal money from online bank accounts. To bypass the two-factor authentication using more banks cyber criminals use a trick. Once employees log on to the bank site shows the malware on the infected computer a message stating that there are problems with the bank site and a special phone number to be dialed to login.

Once the employee number calling sucked in the login details for online banking and simultaneously used for the transfer of large sums to other accounts. One organization was also due to a DDoS attack, which is likely to serve as a distraction. According to IBM let these attacks show that employees often the weak link in the security and are therefore more in security awareness and training should be invested.

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