Thursday, 30 April 2015

Website Tesla "Hacked" Via Social Engineering

This weekend, both the website and the Twitter account of Tesla Motors hijacked , something that was possible, according to the carmaker through social engineering. At the Tesla website showed a message with a picture and there were several messages on Twitter spread by the attackers.

According to a spokesman of Tesla began the attack by someone who has the support department of AT & T called and posing as a Tesla employee. Then the scammer made ​​calls to divert an illegal number. After this, the scammer contacted Network Solutions, the company that host. Through the diverted telephone crook left to add an e-mail to the Administrator account of the Tesla domain.

This crook could reset the password of the domain account and then the website continue to another site and temporary access to the Twitter accounts of Tesla and Tesla founder Elon Musk, the spokesman opposite Forbes . Meanwhile, Tesla was with AT & T and Network Solutions are in consultation to prevent recurrence.

From examination of OpenDNS shows that the IP address of indeed was adjusted at the time of the attack. According to OpenDNS was therefore not a "hack", but a DNS adjustment whereby the website pointed to a different IP address.

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