Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Flash Player Vulnerabilities Ever Attacked Quickly After Patch

Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player are getting faster attacked after the release of a patch, which increases the pressure on users to install available updates as soon as possible. On April 14, patched a critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that could allow attackers the underlying computer in the worst case can take over completely if a malicious or hacked website is visited or appear infected ads.

Only three days later, on April 17, there appeared an exploit that allows the vulnerability abuse. The exploit was added to the Angler-exploit kit, making all kinds of cyber criminals have access. By cyber criminals exploit kits can easily Internet attacks by placing on hacked websites iframes and JavaScript, pointing to the exploit kit. In case users do not patched malware can be installed on the computer.

There has been a trend in which leaks in Flash Player, after the release of an update, still attacked quickly. On the basis of the updates, the attackers can find out where exactly is the vulnerability and develop an exploit here. A development that reveals security experts worry, says security firm FireEye . The observed now operates first look at the user's system and then determines whether a parent or Tuesday patched vulnerability to be attacked. What kind of malware is distributed via the new exploit is unknown.

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