Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lenovo Provides Free Recovery Media Without Superfish

Owners of a Lenovo laptop can now apply for recovery media to install Windows and additional software without even the Super Fish-adware is installed together, so has let the computer manufacturer on the private forum know. Super Fish is a program that intercepted SSL connections to inject ads. The adware used for this purpose its own root certificate. Researchers managed to crack the password using the private key of the Superfish certificate.

This makes it possible in certain cases to Man-in-the-middle attacks against systems that perform Superfish and the certificate installed. In total Superfish appeared on more than 40 different types of laptops to be installed. Because of the Superfish debacle Lenovo announced several measures. For example, published a removal tool and put the manufacturer's promise that it will provide cleaner machines with less pre-installed software in the future. Also followed a free subscription of six months on the McAfee virus scanner.

Current owners of a laptop sit with the problem on their recovery media, such as a special recovery partition, Superfish is still present. If the computer is reinstalled using the recovery media is also Superfish replaced. Last month, Lenovo's own forum know that they worked to restore clean media without Superfish which can be requested via the support department. An employee of Lenovo claims that the recovery media will not be sent in bulk. "But if you need due to specific circumstances recovery media, please contact the service desk." Whether the media via CD or USB stick will be offered the employee does not know. We have asked for clarification about Lenovo.

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