Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Anonymous Paralyzes Israeli Government Sites

New massive computer attack against Israel: dozens of websites are running in slow motion. The Anonymous logo on the hacked pages.

Hackers, claiming to solidarity with the Palestinian people , attacked Tuesday, as last year at the same time, dozens of Israeli websites.

Most government websites were bombarded with access requests, causing heavy delays in their operation, but not failure itself.

Several private sites have also been targeted by hackers.

The logo of Anonymous and that of AnonGhost appeared on the hacked pages, accompanied by a message in Arabic and English:

"We are AnonGhost, we are always there to punish you! We are the voice of Palestine and we will not be silent! (...) Our main target is Zionism and 'Israhell.'"

The attack became annual entitled #OpIsrael , was announced several days ago by a video threatening an "electronic holocaust" .

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