Friday, 17 April 2015

YouTube Leak Was Hijacking Reactions Possible

Vulnerability in YouTube made it possible to copy reactions from one video to another video, which was without any user interaction required for here. Reactions on YouTube channels could be hijacked, researchers found Ahmed Aboul-Ela and Ibrahim El-Sayed.

Users comments on YouTube videos and leave channels. YouTube also gives content creators the option to moderate comments before they first appear below the video. If the content creator approves a reaction there is a request to YouTube that contains the video ID and response ID. By changing the reaction ID in the ID of a reaction that was already posted, that reaction was also placed under the video of the moderating content creator.

This happened without the person who had given the response, as well as the creator of the video where he initially responded, here knew anything since. After being informed by the investigators Google had the problem solved within five days and gave the researchers a financial reward for their discovery . Recently had another researcher discovered a vulnerability that made ​​it possible to all YouTube videos to remove .

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