Tuesday, 21 April 2015

JavaScript Annex Spreads CryptoWall-Ransomware

In many email attacks are used executables and Office documents, but there are spammers that use JavaScript attachments. Before warns Trustwave. The security company recently discovered a spam campaign where emails were sent that contain supposedly a resume laity.

There was a zip file as an attachment sent with it a Javascript file, ending .js. Once the recipient opened the file the script tried to download an executable, which turned out to be a variant of the CryptoWall-ransomware. This ransomware encrypts all kinds of files on the computer and then asks hundreds of dollars for decrypting it.

On another spam campaign Trustwave discovered a phishing attack that also made ​​use of JavaScript. In this case, an HTML file was sent to JavaScript which recipients must enter their account details. "If an e-mail telling you to enable JavaScript that you should not really do," says analyst Brian Bebeau. "Despite the use of executable files and other exploits you can not ignore JavaScript attachments in your e-mail traffic. They can both your users and yourself cause problems."

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