Friday, 17 April 2015

Dropbox Will Pay Hackers To Bug Reports

The popular online storage service Dropbox goes hackers and researchers now have to pay for reporting bugs. In a blog posting suggests Devdatta Akhawe Dropbox storage service that sorts itself enable experts to find security problems, but that it can use all the help security researchers. The payment of bug rewards is an important incentive, set Akhawe.

Dropbox has also received all kinds of bug reports in the past and will reward all these researchers retrospectively. This is an amount totaling $ 10,475. The reward program Dropbox is organized through HackerOne , an initiative that offers companies the opportunity to start so-called "bug bounty" programs.

Approved bug reports can count on a minimum fee of $ 216, the maximum amount has not been established. The highest reward that Dropbox has so far paid amounts to nearly $ 5,000. According Akhawe late offering a reward program to see how dedicated Dropbox to privacy and security. Since the launch of the program, there are already 27 reported bugs and thanks 26 hackers.

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