Saturday, 25 April 2015

ESET: Ransomware Victims Should Not Pay

Computer users who are victims of ransomware and therefore no longer have access to their data should the ransom demand the criminals do not pay. This enables Raphael Labaca Castro of Slovak anti-virus company ESET. In recent months, several experts spoke out about paying ransomware and it was revealed that dozens of Dutch companies had the ransom paid after they were infected.

British anti-virus firm Sophos found that prevention is better than cure, but in the case of an infection the best " okay "is to pay the ransom. Labaca Castro has a different opinion. "If you pay your support cyber criminals by providing them with more money." In addition, according to the security expert would be no guarantee that the encrypted files are decrypted.Nevertheless, recent incidents where the ransom be paid to victims recovering their files.

Yet calls Labaca Castro paid a dangerous option. "Remember, this is not a service. The cyber criminals. Even if you pay, they do not on a" whitelist "position, so you can be infected again. So it is not a real solution for the future." Prevention according to the expert is the main weapon against ransomware. He also advises to make regular backups.

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