Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tor Is Promoting Use Of Hidden Websites

The Tor network not only provides users the ability to hide their IP address, even turning and visiting hidden sites and services is possible. And it is this feature of Tor developers who now want to bring wider attention.

Through the hidden sites and services, on the Tor network if hidden services identified, people can share information anonymously and safely. So bloggers, activists, journalists and organizations under other totalitarian regimes use it.Newspapers like the Washington Post and Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International use them again to receive leaked information. "The potential of hidden services is huge and much still needs to be explored there," said Tor developers.They want to make the technology therefore accessible to a larger audience.

The Tor developers look for hidden services namely an important role when it comes to the future of secure communication.To realize this, the uses of hidden services will have to be increased, there must be mobile support for mobile applications and will eventually also the number of people that have to grow hidden services used. At this time, approximately 4% of the Tor-traffic originating from hidden services. To determine where the emphasis will be launched a crowd funding campaign on.

While looking for the Tor Project ideas for hidden services to crowd funded. Meanwhile, there are three ideas conceived, including an information for administrators of hidden services and hidden services where anonymity is paramount but speed.In this case, the hidden service will not care about their own anonymity, but that visitors anonymously and securely connect through the Tor network. It involves, for example initiatives of Facebook and Reddit to also be active in the Tor network.Other ideas via this page to reach out to.

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