Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pentagon Hacked Via Password Vulnerability

An unclassified network of the Pentagon earlier this year been hacked because administrators had forgotten to patch a vulnerability. That left the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter yesterday during a speech at Stanford University know.

"Earlier this year discovered the sensors that protect unclassified networks of the Ministry of Defence Russian hackers who gained access to one of our networks. They had an old leak found in one of our old networks that were not patched," said Carter. Defense Minister called it alarming that the attackers were able to gain access to an unclassified network, but they were quickly detected on the other side and removed.

"After we had learned valuable information about their tactics, we analyzed their network activities, we have linked to Russia, and then quickly kicked out of the network, in a way that reduces their chance to return," said Carter. The attack, according to Carter a step in the right direction. "My primary goal is to defend our networks, because we are a network central organization, but I'm still worried about what we do not know. Because this was only one attack that we discovered."

Cartner showed further that technologies such as the Internet, have a good and bad side. "The same Internet that Wikipedia allows, let terrorists also see how to build a bomb." According to the Defense Minister's dependence on technology also created vulnerabilities where enemies like to abuse it. As a solution to this problem Cartner pointed to a partnership between government and industry.

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