Friday, 3 April 2015

Tool Protects WiFi Networks Against Malicious Access Points

To prevent employees and other Wi-Fi users with hostile access points to connect to a programmer has developed a tool that offers protection against this. Through EvilAP_Defender like tool called Mohamed Idris, network administrators can discover so-called evil or rogue access points and prevent them from WiFi users attacks. A rogue access point is a Wi-Fi network as another Wi-Fi network to make do with the ultimate goal that employees through this network connection. Then the attacker could intercept and perform other attacks.

Once active EvilAP_Defender can send an e-mail to the administrator when a rogue access point detected. Soon there will also appear for SMS support. The tool can also be set to perform a Denial of Service attack on the rogue access point, so that the network administrator has time to take action.

The tool will only perform against rogue access points with the same network name the DoS attack, but a different BSSID (the MAC address of an access point), or if they are running on a different channel. This should prevent a DoS attack is performed on the legitimate network. On Reddit , where Idris tool announced yesterday, let him know that there is also a control signal. He also has plans to later develop a client-server version in which there are arranged at various places sensors that look for rogue access points.

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