Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tor-Mail Service Attack Suspects By Intelligence

On the Tor-based e-mail service SIGAINT has warned users that it has become a target of a suspected intelligence, which were deployed in a total of 70 malicious servers. The attacking party would also recent months several attacks carried out against the infrastructure of the service. According to the managers of SIGAINT the attacks had failed, however.

SIGAINT only through the Tor network and accessible on the Internet to protect journalists and activists against the large-scale surveillance. The website state the address of the Tor website where SIGAINT is found. According to the manager, the alleged intelligence tried to change this address, so that Man-in-the-middle attacks could carry on users could spy on them in real time.

Probably therefore some passwords stolen, but it would have been the attackers not to do. "We get less than one user in the three months complaining that their account has been hijacked," said the manager. SIGAINT would have a total of 42,000 users. Because the e-mail service of the Tor network uses it depends on the servers in the network.

The Tor network consists of several servers on which the traffic passes. The last server in the chain is the exit node or exit relay. Through this server, which is added by volunteers to the Tor network, the request of the Tor user is sent to the Internet.The attackers had put in this case 70 of such servers. Because of this large number of suspects administrator SIGAINT that he has been the target of an intelligence service.

He leaves the Tor-mailing list that can be used for the website an SSL certificate to ensure that the content, and also the address of the Tor website is adjusted. An intelligence service might work, according to him so through using the key from a certificate authority from the country. The malicious Tor servers proved to be not only against SIGAINT deployed, but also can be used for other dubious affairs. All 70 servers have been placed on a blacklist.

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