Wednesday, 8 April 2015

American Police Pay Again For Ransom Ransomware

Again there is an American police by ransomware became infected and was forced to pay the ransom of hundreds of dollars. This time it was a police station in the town of Tewksbury in Massachusetts. In December the police system showed a warning that all files were encrypted and $ 500 to be paid to recover the files.

Because of the infection, the police had problems to request the arrest and incident records, as well as any other information that is only now through the Tewksbury Town Crier known. In total, the system was four to five days from the air. Via the computer was first infected knew the ransomware also encrypt all kinds of connected network folders and shared drives. The police did have a backup of the files, but that turned out to be corrupt.

The most recent backup that did work was 18 months old and insufficient to restore all lost data. Eventually decided to pay the police station and were all encrypted files are decrypted. "Nobody wants to negotiate with terrorists. No one wants to pay terrorists," said Police Chief Timothy Sheehan. "We have done everything possible." The agency Tewksbury is known thefourth police station after a ransomware-infection to pay rang.

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