Thursday, 16 April 2015

Researcher: Security D-Link Routers Is Not Working

A security update that network manufacturer D-Link for different routers released just does not work and introduces a new vulnerability, so claims the researcher who discovered all kinds of vulnerabilities in the routers. Security Researcher Craig of the blog / dev / ttyS0 discovered early this year several vulnerabilities in the D-Link DIR-645 router, where D-Link finally released an update for.

Early this month, Craig found the same problems in the DIR-890L router. Yesterday, D-Link with a update for this model, which the researcher decided to check whether the problem also really been resolved. Craig discovered that the patches for the DIR-645 and DIR-890L are identical. To his surprise, they were all just problems still exist, even if D-Link says that the updates address vulnerabilities correct.

It also showed that the updates are also introducing a new security problem. Unused Authentic Weathered users can therefore still perform a variety of actions on the router. "But I think no matter it something that a authentication user information systems on the internal network can retrieve, view and change system settings can or router to the default settings can be reset," responds the investigator sarcastically.

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