Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Researcher: Phone Scammers Are Not Innocent

The phone scammers who call people at home and pretend to be Microsoft employees are no innocent call center staff who read a script. This enables the Australian researcher Troy Hunt. He made ​​in 2012 in a video which showed how to work the scammers.

The scammers claim that there is a problem with your computer, and then try to let the user install software so they gain control of the system. Eventually, the so-called problems are solved and the user should pay. Recently warned Microsoft for this type of scam. Hunt was not called for some time, but recently was approached twice on the same day and took two calls on.

In one of the conversations he is at the end insulted and abused by crook. Therefore, there is according to the researcher no doubt that this was going to be innocent call center staff, but these people know very well what they are doing. "These are just annoying people and I have no doubt that they are complicit in these deceptive and illegal activities," said Hunt.

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